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Thursday, 20/07/2023, 11:59 GMT+7

Chairman Yuan, President of the Ho Chi Minh City Chamber of Commerce, led a delegation of 50 Taiwanese entrepreneurs to visit Want Want factory in Vietnam. Mr. Chen, the General Director of Want Want Vietnam, warmly welcomed the delegation, establishing a platform for deeper understanding and cooperation between the two sides.


Delegation of Ho Chi Minh Chamber of Commerce visits Want Want Vietnam factory


Upon arrival, the delegation engaged in a series of exchange activities. Later, representatives from Want Want delivered an impressive presentation to the visitors, introducing the development process of the Want Want Vietnam factory, providing the delegation with a better understanding of Want Want Group's achievements in the Vietnamese market.



A charming visit between Ho Chi Minh Chamber of Commerce and Want Want Corporation


The delegates also had the opportunity to tour the factory, witnessing the production and packaging processes, as well as sampling the products. The Taiwanese entrepreneurs were impressed with Want Want Group's advanced production technology and strict quality control. During the product tasting session, they highly praised the quality of Want Want's products.


Delegates are learning about Want Want Vietnam's factory and products


In the Q&A session, many Taiwanese entrepreneurs raised questions related to operations and management, and Mr. Chen of Want Want Vietnam provided individual responses, sharing experiences and insights from operating in the Vietnamese market.

To express gratitude for the participation of the Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Want Want Viet Nam hosted an elaborate luncheon at the conclusion of the event.


Chairman Yuan of the Ho Chi Minh Chamber of Commerce and businessmen take souvenir photos


At the end of the visit, Want Want Viet Nam prepared a special gift package for the Taiwanese delegates, expressing their appreciation for the group's visit.

Chairman Yuan of the Ho Chi Minh City Chamber of Commerce emphasized that this visit created valuable opportunities for Taiwanese entrepreneurs to gain a deeper understanding of Want Want Group's operations and management in Vietnam, while fostering closer cooperation.


A charming gift between Want Want Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Chamber of Commerce


Mr. Chen, the General Director of Want Want Vietnam, stated that Want Want Group is committed to developing the Vietnamese market and encouraged Taiwanese entrepreneurs to enhance collaboration. He believes that this visit will bring forth more opportunities for cooperation and creativity for both parties in a brighter future together.

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