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Taste, Texture & Flavors
Develop products to be Halal, Organic, Gluten-free, Kosher, WQA or any other certifications that you require
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Complete Factory certifications for export markets

TQM &QCC manufacturing management

WANT WANT has advanced production technology and automation, digital production line, in the intelligent management mode, zero tolerance to quality risk. Start from the source of the product, strictly control every link, ensure that all products from the production to the factory, through the high requirements of the control, continue to practice the consumer's commitment to product quality.

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  • Can Size:Height 170 Diameter 85mm
  • Box Size 93*30*160mm
  • Bulk Size 180*160mm
  • Five Pack Size 225*150mm
  • Tray Box 40*100*175mm
  • Droplet Wrapped 80*50mm
  • Back Sealed 240*135*50mm
  • Diameter*Height 140*165mm
  • Can size: Diameter*Height 140*190mm
  • Manual Packed: 300*400mm; 640*430mm
  • Machine Packed: 310*225mm; 270*375mm
  • Back Sealed: 240*135mm
  • Tray Box 40*100*175mm
  • Droplet Wrapped 80*50mm
  • Back Sealed 240*135*50mm



  • Box Size: 150*65*175mm
  • PET Can Height 92~113 (Round or Square Shaped)
  • Hand Carry Pack 230*300~370*385mm
  • Zip Pack Length285mm~320mm*Width170mm
  • (Expanded size170~320mm Back Sealed 10mm)
  • Pack Size 90mm~260mm



Other production line includes:

  • Creampuffs
  • Potato chips
  • Pancake
  • Ice sorbet
  • Fish sticks
  • Fruit jelly
  • Rice noodle
  • Jelly drink
  • Rice bar
  • Yogurt drink
  • Oat meals
  • Cocktail

Varies to more than 700+ production lines

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