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Tuesday, 01/08/2023, 16:43 GMT+7

Modern life has brought numerous conveniences and development opportunities, but it cannot be denied that it also comes with significant challenges, especially the issue of inflation. In the face of these difficulties, Want Want Vietnam and The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce joined hands to convey messages of love and care to the community in Vietnam through meaningful actions of providing food aid and organizing a charity event.


Want Want Vietnam donates to convey the message of love


As a reputable business committed to social contribution, Want Want Vietnam decided to carry out a special donation campaign. With dedication and compassion, Want Want Vietnam contributed a substantial amount of food to help underprivileged families. This gesture aimed not only to provide material support but also to send messages of love and genuine care from Want Want Vietnam.


Each product is delivered to the students 


The charity event took place at a Chinese school and was attended by several prominent individuals, including the Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City, the Chairman of The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, the General Director of Want Want Vietnam, and representatives from 13 Chinese schools.

The event not only provided much-needed assistance to struggling families but also contributed to a brighter future for children. The close collaboration between Want Want Vietnam and The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce brought warmth to disadvantaged children, allowing them to feel the care and support from society.


Want Want Vietnam joins hands with The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce to distribute gifts to students


Want Want Vietnam hopes that these genuine and meaningful actions will spread and continue to foster compassion and warmth in Vietnam. The collaboration between the two organizations exemplifies a spirit of responsibility and selfless dedication, contributing to the protection and promotion of positive development within the community, and the happiness of its people.



Want Want Vietnam General Director presents gifts to students in Dong Nai


With concerted efforts from Want Want Vietnam and The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, it is hoped that more businesses and organizations will participate in public welfare activities, spreading love and contributing to the construction of a strong, caring, and happy community.

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