WANT WANT Rice Cracker Senbei 52g, 10 packs/chain (Japanese soy sauce Flavor)

  • Shelf life
    9 months
  • Brand
    Want Want
  • Flavor
    Japanese soy sauce
  • Pack Size
    52g/pack - 8g/pack
  • Packaging box
    52g x 20 packs - 8g x 200 packs

1. The traditional Japanese soy sauce flavor creates a distinctive sweet and salty taste for rice crackers, which will not be confused with other products.
2. Inheriting the leading traditional Japanese craftsmanship: baking the rice crackers on a low fire until the rice crackers take on a natural golden color and remain crispy for a long time.
3. Selected high-quality rice.
4. No deep frying, no trans fat - good for health.
5. Crispy rice crackers, the sweetness of rice makes "rice crackers" lovers not to be missed.

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