WANT WANT Jelly Juice Lechee Flavor 150g

  • Shelf life
    12 months
  • Brand
    Want Want
  • Flavor
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging box
    150g x 40 packs

1. Drinkable Jelly Juice enrichs more vitamins from the concentrated fruit juice.
2. Made from the konjac in the product ingredient to create the stick powder jelly – best texture which contains more fibers, no calories.
3. Eat directly by one pump; more fun to eat and play.
4. Colorful metalic bag with Hot – Kid cute.
5. A variety of flavors: lychee, tropical fruit juice & rock sugar pear, with a fragrant partner, rich in taste.
GREAT TASTE AND TEXTURE - For best Taste and Texture, keep Jelly Juice in refrigerator before usage.
*Can be used for children over 3 years old, with adult supervision when children use the product.


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